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Five Minute Mousse

This is one of the easiest, quickest and tastiest chocolate mousse recipes I’ve come across.  It’s made with only two ingredients—chocolate and water—and no fancy-pants kitchen equipment is required.

Add sugar, spices or even liquor to this dessert to mix it up as you see fit. You can also use this recipe for other sweet dishes such as a cake filling or chocolate sauce.

This discovery was first made by the French chemist, Hervé This. The recipe, also known as Chocolate Chantilly, starts with melting chocolate in water and ends with whisking it until thickened. Don’t knock it till you try it. Enjoy!

To try this recipe, click here.


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Not in the mood to read a lengthy recipe? Have some fun with this illustrated dessert dish we found on http://illustratedbites.wordpress.com/2011/04/01/tart-treats/. Enjoy!

Click here to visit a conversion website.

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South Africa’s most beloved biscuits are back. The Bakers Man has spent the last few months perfecting the secret Bakers Boudoir recipe, ensuring the taste and sugary sweetness is better than before. Boudoirs are great in trifle or tiramisu desserts or simply dunked into a cup of tea. Find your bigger and better Boudoirs in store now.

The biscuits are available in leading supermarkets and retailers nationwide and retail for R16.99.

Make the most of your Boudoirs with this delicious Boudoir Berry Mascarpone Trifle recipe we found on www.bakers.co.za.

To try this recipe, click here.

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InneSense has launched an exciting range of new healthy alternative soft drinks reminiscent of the traditional values of the good ol’ days.

With traditional Ginger Beer, Cloudy Lemonade and Old Fashioned Cream Soda at the core, the new range, is inspired by real old fashioned recipes with the finest ingredients and free of any artificial additives.

The InneSense range also introduces two new innovative conscience-friendly soft drinks, Vanilla Rooibos Soda, sure to become a South African classic, and Guarana Berry Soda made of an energising blend of Guarana and Goji berries.

InneSense retails around R6.95 per bottle at leading supermarkets and your favourite upmarket hangout.

We heart the 1950’s Hollywood-style labels!

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CocoáFair is a new organic chocolate manufacturer based under the silo at the Old Biscuit Mill in the heart of Woodstock. CocoáFair not only makes delicious organic chocolate but it’s also a social enterprise. This means all their profit is reinvested in social initiatives, like supporting the underprivileged with work and education and expanding their business so more people can get involved on all levels.

I was lucky enough to visit CocoáFair’s premises last week and got to meet the vibrant dream team behind this awesome idea. It’s so evident that this bunch feels very passionately about what they do and really want to make a change. The man behind the idea is Danish entrepreneur, Thor Thorøe who dreamt of opening a business that would make a difference in poor communities. “100% of the company’ s profits will be invested in social projects that will include education and training in entrepreneurial skills and, of course chocolate making,” says Thor.

The range of delicious chocolates includes organic dark, milk and white chocolate as well as a couverture (choc jargon for quality chocolate with a higher percentage of cocoa butter) chocolaterange for the hospitality industry.

Make sure you pop in and visit CocoáFair and try their selection of sweet treats all the while doing your bit for a great cause.  Helping to give back has never tasted so good!

Visit www.cocoafair.com to find out more or email info@cocoafair.com

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Join The Food Room in their cozy kitchen and learn how to cook the delicious dishes you love to eat. The meals they prepare together are simple to make, impressive to serve and scrumptious to eat.  Classes are run as an interactive demonstration, so you can sit back and watch how it’s done, or get elbow deep into the cooking.  Each lesson is designed in such a way that you’ll leave the session having grasped some good solid cooking basics to build your gourmet repertoire on.

Check out the latest cooking classes for June here.

To find out more about The Food Room, click here.

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leeksJust a quick note—it’s deadline, so I don’t really have time to blog.

It’s getting cold here in Cape Town, the days are grey and the mornings dark. This in turn makes me want eat soup every night, curl up in front of the TV with a blanket wrapped around me, and drink Milo.

Last night I made the first of our winter soups, Potato & Leek. I usually eat this variety at Flukes restaurant, which is just up the road from us, but I decided it was time for me to make my own. It’s very easy. Next time I think I will use skim milk instead of cream, to try a healthier version. But it’s delicious with cream.

Until my next soup entry, keep warm!

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