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margot2I’ve been doing series of articles with Tasting Room chef Margot Janse for Good Taste. There are two already in the bag; we’ve spent time with her at home in Going Dutch Jul/Aug (there’s even a short video to watch) and at work in Kitchen Creative Sept/Oct.

In our upcoming issue we’ll be showing you how Margot likes to party or in any case how she throws one. Luckily she has just the excuse, Nikki Friedman — who is the niece of LQF’s owner, Susan Huxter — is getting married in November. So, Margot took the opportunity to throw her a Kitchen Tea.

Forget the dodgy strippers and condom balloons though. This was an altogether more whimsical affair. Check out our Oct/Nov issue (out mid-October) for recipes and tips on how to throw your very own party. Fun moreish canapés included.



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Werner Engelbrecht, winemaker and Paul Boutinot, owner of Waterkloof

Werner Engelbrecht, winemaker and Paul Boutinot, owner of Waterkloof

Last Thursday I was invited to meet Werner Englebrecht the winemaker of Waterkloof Wines and Paul Boutinot the owner. I haven’t ventured into the Schapenburg before and the trip to Stellenbosch was well worth it—it’s more Somerset West than Stellies to be honest.

With lots of renovations going on, I almost couldn’t find my way in. The space is huge, and a big empty space at that. There are plans to fill it soon with a restaurant, in fact the French chef is already hired. Glass walls stretch from floor to ceiling, and I can see why Paul decided that glass is class, the view is almost limitless. I can see Stellenbosch, I can see Strand, I can see your underpants…

Werner takes me on a tour of the cellar, which you can see from the ‘restaurant’, and I’m really impressed by the oak open-top fermenters. Here at Waterkloof they are staunch traditionalists when it comes to winemaking methods. They follow a minimalist approach in the winery, no cultivated yeasts here, instead wild yeast fermentation has carte blanche.

Soon we’re surveying Paul’s kingdom and tasting his spoils. First, we try the False Bay range, and as Paul puts it, “the wine has good fruit, good length and is food friendly”. I can’t help but agree. When we taste the Circumstance range, the Chenin Blanc and the Cape Coral Mourvèdre Rosé, really stand out for me—perhaps because I start dreaming about drinking them in summer.

Lastly we compare the Waterkloof Sauvignon Blanc to the Circumstance Sauvignon Blanc, and while both are good wines, the Waterkloof version has an understated elegance. I don’t think that wines can always necessarily reflect terrior, but this time I can taste the fynbos.

For the full interview with Paul Boutinot catch the upcoming October issue of Good Taste.

– Malu

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