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Weylandts has now launched The Kitchen, a chic Fusion Bistro on the top floor of their Durbanville, Cape Town, store. Here, new Consulting Executive Chef, Charlene Pretorius will create culinary magic.

Inspired by Pretorius’ belief in ethical food production and her subscription to the Slow Food movement, the menu epitomises Weylandts Good Living philosophy. A concept, which advocates keeping things simple to ensure the essence and origin is clear so as not to dilute the experience. With a roaring fireplace in front of a comfortable leather sofa, one is encouraged to relax. And in this intimate setting, dishes such as poached eggs and Franschoek trout gravadlax and seared lamb caponata on artisan bread will delight the senses.

“I keep my food unique, simple, honest and true to its sources. I focus on attention to detail and providing our customers with that personal touch. The food at The Kitchen will speak for itself,” said Pretorius.

Founder and CEO Chris Weylandt says, “We are constantly looking for ways to improve the shopping experience for our customers and with Charlene on board, we have managed to create a unique dining experience at The Kitchen. Here you will find delicious food, great coffee, all in a relaxed environment that will inspire you to enjoy the good things in life more, be it investing in a piece of furniture, improving the sensory experience at home or just taking time out to appreciate the great things in life.”

We can’t wait to try it!

To see The Kitchen’s menu, click here.


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Owned and run by twin sisters Jesse and Jamie Friedberg the Skinny Legs & All Café has a mouth-watering menu that focuses on fresh, homemade and unpretentious food. Inspired by the simplicity of Rose Carrarini’s delicatessen in London and the Rose Bakery in Paris, the sister’s philosophy is simple…

”Good solid food is a source of ageless pleasure and we believe the ‘back to basics’ in our food preparation will earn us a solid customer base – independent of the forever-changing trends. In our food preparation simplicity is key, allowing the honest flavours to simply be. Our food resonates afterwards. People want to return to the flavours.”

The lunchtime menu features a range of light salads and sandwiches, with main courses like Franschhoek Trout, Charred Lemon and Rosemary Chicken, Moroccan-style Meatballs and delicious daily soups.

The drinks menu includes fresh lime, grapefruit and ginger juice, homemade lemonade, a healthy green shake, a raw chocolate shake and they even cater for the non-dairy fans with a warmed cup of almond or sesame milk.

We can’t wait to try Loop Street’s latest hot spot!

To make a booking or to find out more visit www.skinnylegsandall.co.za or email enquiries@skinnylegsandall.co.za.

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Philadelphia Cheese Cake

In search of a cure for football fever, I attended the chef’s table at the Savour Restaurant last week, where the serene setting of 15 on Orange softened the drone of the vuvuzelas to a perfectly pleasant hum.

“There are fourteen five-star hotels in Cape Town. And then there’s 15 on Orange.” These are the words of Douglas Allen, the General Manager, who clearly has many reasons to be confident—as soon as you walk through the doors of the hotel, you can tell that 15 on Orange is something special.

Throughout the evening we were treated to nine delicious courses, each prepared by Executive Chef Michael Meyepa. This Mauritian-born culinary mastermind has cooked all over the world and his aim is to share his experiences through the cuisine he creates. And each detailed dish certainly tells its own story.

Every time another beautifully prepared plate arrived, I had a new favourite. If dared to single out some highlights, I would have to mention the Handmade Potato Gnocchi with Broad Beans, Semi-dried Tomato and Parmesan Shavings. And for dessert I’d recommend the Philadelphia Cheesecake with Lemon Curd and Strawberry Jelly. The Granny Smith Sorbet deserves a mention here too. As does the Mini Sorbet Stack, which was perfectly moulded into the shape of an apple (complete with stalk) like something out of a foodie’s fairytale.

The menu at Savour is so extensive that you’re likely to finish your first bottle of wine before ordering. In addition to Savour, the hotel is home to three other restaurants, and all the dishes from each menu can be enjoyed at any one of the eateries. So if you feel like a gourmet sandwich at the snazzy Murrrano Bar, or a chocolate croissant at the stylish Judges Lounge, you can be their guest.

The elegant hotel itself is also a blossoming hotspot for a couple of cocktails after work. And on the weekends, 15 on Orange has also introduced the perfect slow-down to your Sunday with a Roast-and-Bubbly Special to keep you warm and jolly.

When Allen and Meyepa meticulously selected the menus and fashioned the elegant atmosphere of Savour, they created a platform to bring hotel dining back with a bang. So be leaders of the pack and visit 15 on Orange, a piece of all-round sensory paradise.

15 On Orange, Corner Grey’s Pass and Orange Street, Cape Town. Tel. 021-469-8000.


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Yesterday Kari and I had the good fortune of meeting Andrew Milne, manager of Nobu at the One&Only Hotel in Cape Town, for an interview and sake lesson 101.

Our good fortune continued when instead of just  a sake tasting, we received the full ‘Omakasa’ tasting menu. 7 courses of fantastic food paired with very good sake.

We are so used to knowing what to expect from wines that it was quite strange to do this sake tasting with no frame of reference as to what we should be tasting and smelling. But with a little help from Andrew, we quickly got into the swing of things.

My favourite pairing of the evening: Hokusetsu Cho Daiginjo YK35 sake with grilled skewers of Chicken Anti Cucho. The sauce is inspired by a Peru street-food style. The sake was complex, velvety and had a long finish.

Kari’s favourite of the evening: Hokusetsu Nigori sake with Passion Fruit Brulee. This is an unfiltered sake with notes of creamy coconut and tropical flavours. A good match with the tropical dessert.

And I have to end by mentioning my favourite sushi of the evening—the Yellowtail Sashimi with Jalapeno, it was fantastic. If you haven’t tried Nobu yet make sure to save up, it’s a worthy dining experience.

Look out for Andrew’s interview in the June issue of Good Taste, as well as the ins and outs of sake.


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I had the pleasure of attending the Truth Coffee Cult launch at the Prestwich Memorial in Greenpoint this morning.

Two amazing iced coffees and one cappuccino later I was on a bit of a buzz. However, the soothing sound of the jazz band against the backdrop of Table Mountain suddenly melted my daydreams of decaf.

Listening to the purr of the city, I felt like something out of Sex and the City. Eating my muesli out of a martini glass in the café’s outside section, with its distinct mini Central Park feel.

The owner, David Donde, aka the ‘godfather of coffee’, attended to me personally and made sure I got my soya cap with wings. What a perk, as any lactose-loather knows, soya milk can be hard to come by in this city. 

With five unique coffee blends from around the world, a light lunch menu and a selection of sweet treats, TCC is sure to be the next hot spot on the Cape Town coffee scene.

So, for all those coffee connoisseurs in the Cape, the truth is definitely out there…


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Camps Bay was in need of a breath of fresh air. No—not the 130km gales we’ve been experiencing lately—but a culinary one. The Grand Café is providing just this for the well-known strip. It has a casually opulent interior and a Parisian café inspired menu.

I’ve always said that you can judge a restaurant on the quality of their cocktails, and I’m not disappointed. My Grand Margarita has the salty, tangy, sweet mix just right. Even though the wind is blowing close to gale-like force outside (I’m sure I see a cow and a fishing boat spinning in a whirlwind over the ocean), the sunset still manages to look pretty dramatic—a sandstorm embossed hot pink sky.

The drama of the gloaming outside nicely matches the baroque  saloon atmosphere inside. Inspired by trompe líoeil art, pictures on the walls have chalk frames drawn around them—against one wall a drawing of a sitting lamp pretends to light up the room. Not all just show though, the food is also very telling.

Our waiter, Mandla, tells us that they make the best steak in Cape Town. Quite a grand statement, so we take him up on it. My partner has the steak, and Mandla is right—it is melt-in-your-mouth perfection. I have the Sugar Salmon, and it’s also delicious. The sugar forms a crispy, light, and slightly sticky crust on the salmon that’s been cooked medium, so it’s still bright pink in the middle. The Grand Café is a welcome step away (in a Parisian stiletto) from the usual tourist fare served up at many of the strip’s restaurants.


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clip_image002Leonardo da Vinci once said that, “simplicity is the ultimate sophistication.” I’m not surprised he was Italian. Good Italian cooking is about the quality of ingredients, not the multitude. The finest olive oil, the silkiest Mozzarella and the freshest pasta. Let’s not forget the moreish gelato.

Anytime Trattoria on Long Street, Cape Town embodies these principles. Owner Giovanni Torre is the quintessential Italian gentleman. We arrive there for a Friday lunch, and the restaurant is filled with people chatting. It’s a busy, busy lunch, and Giovanni who is in mid-spin greets us at the door with pasta in one hand, and still somehow manages to be all Italian charm and hospitality. 

For starters I have the Panzarottiballs of fried dough with napoletana sauce, Mozzarella and basil. Fried dough seems like a bad idea for a starter, but I only eat half of this crispy treat—similar to vetkoek, the tangy napoletana sauce and the creaminess of the Mozzarella balance the dish.

For my main I have the Cannelloni Spinaci e Ricotta. Handmade pasta tubes stuffed with ricotta and spinach and covered in napolenta sauce and melted mozzarella. This dish conjures up all what I love about Italian food. Comforting, classic and totally delicious. We couldn’t leave without trying their handmade gelato; Giovanni says they have a laboratory upstairs where all the ice cream magic happens. I try a scoop full of Stracciatella—a vanilla-based ice cream that they drop hot chocolate into while it’s churning, so that the chocolate hardens into flakes dotted throughout.

When I push through the glass door and into the busy, rainy city street, leaving this white Italian oasis behind, there’s only one way to describe the way I feel— belíssima!

Anytime Trattoria, 44 Long Street, Cape Town, 021-422-1106.


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